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Treating Customers Fairly

What is TCF?
Treating Customers Fairy (TCF) is a core Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Principle intended to promote fair treatment of customers by regulated firms throughout the product life cycle from design to post-sales support.

Chapel Independent Financial Advisers always aims:

  • To treat its clients fairly;
  • To ensure that client understanding and expectation of performance and service in respect of a product are satisfied; and
  • To embed TCF Principles within its culture and procedures so that Chapel IFA’s interests are aligned with those of its clients.

Commitment to Treating Customers Fairly
Chapel Independent Financial Advisers is firmly committed to the TCF principle and has already reached the ’embedding’ stage of its TCF Strategy as described by the FCA.
That is to say, not only have we developed plans and processes, allocated resources and responsibilities and created capability among its staff to implement TCF, we have established the fair treatment of consumers throughout the firm on a continuous basis through our culture, business strategy, employee training, remuneration and staff behaviour.
To find out more about the FCA, its principles and its treating customers fairly initiative, please visit the FCA website.